The National Stamp Dealers' Association

The National Stamp Dealers Association was founded in 1995 to join small and large stamp dealerships together in a friendly organization with reasonable dues and membership requirements.

Since our inception, we have grown into one of the largest philatelic dealer associations in the world with over 265 current members.

Primary goals of the NSDA include development and maintenance of a high standard of ethical dealings between dealers and collectors and provision of ongoing information and support to assist members improve and grow their philatelic businesses.

All members agree to adhere to a strong code of ethics. Complaints against members are handled quickly and every effort is made to mediate any situations that occur.

Membership is open to any legitimate dealer of philatelic or related collectibles, including full time, part time, internet, mail order, show dealers and auctioneers.

International members are welcome.

The NSDA website contains a listing of members and links to their e-mail addresses and websites. Applications for prospective new members are available here or from our office.

NSDA is an APS affiliate and a not-for-profit organization, chartered in California.