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Welcome to the NSDA

Welcome to the new NSDA website. Please take the time to explore the site where you can meet NSDA dealers, find out about stamps and cover collecting, and find the resources to locate the stamps or covers you need for your collection or sell the duplicates from your holdings. NSDA dealers are professionals who are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards. Allow them to be your partners as we all explore the wonderful world of philately.


Welcome to NSDA News, the newsletter of the NSDA. "NSDA News contains articles for collectors and dealers, news about what's happening in the NSDA, advertisements from some of your favorite dealers, upcoming events involving NSDA dealers, and much more. Regular features include an article on a featured NSDA dealer and columns by the editor and the NSDA president. Click on the following link to view or print the current edition of NSDA News:

NSDA News first and second quarter 2015 (pdf)

Previous editions of NSDA News and other news articles can be accessed via the NSDA News link at the top of the page.

Stamp Dealers

We invite dealers to learn about joining the NSDA. Existing members should go to this page to log in to the members-only area. From the member log in area, dealers can get confidential data like credit information and access a control panel to select which want lists and sales links they wish to receive. Learn More

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